• Provide smooth transition from accounting app to plain text accounting tools. • Convert .csv file exported from Sui accounting app to a Beancount text ledger. • Feature a lisp function to quickly add transactions into Beancount using Emacs.

Gene Variation Analysis of Stomach Cancer

• Extracted cancer research data from the Cancer Genome Atlas Network ®. • Applied GISTIC clustering analysis to patient-indexed tables to identify molecular subgroups (Bioinformatics). • Mapped gene list with biological annotations with functional annotation tool DAVID (Python). • Summarized and visualized stomach cancer-related gene candidates with R package MAFtools ®.

Multithread Web Crawler

• Write a class to handle multithreading website crawling inside the given domain. • Feature a breath-first search algorithm and a multithread pool to visit all urls asynchronously. • Handle various status code, time-out and exceptions in a structured manner.


• Provide a personalized websites collection and naviation page. • Built with Javascript, CSS and npm.


• Developed an ETL pipeline to extract, integrate and transform prescription data from multiple providers in AWS cloud computing to enable nation-wide queries on prescription drug usage (Python, AWS, Airflow). • Validated and combined public available Medicaid and Medicare datasets with NIH, FDA and NPPES sources into a SQL queryable databases in Redshift, visualized in website (Redshift, Tableau, JavaScript, CSS). • Implemented custom connector to Redshift/PostgreSQL with 20 times more efficiency (Python).